The market is ready for innovations for the future

The market is ready for innovations for the future

There is obviously a clear focus: Nice corners on coloured window and door profiles are the benchmark in the field of modern window and door manufacture.

However, there is not only one “silver bullet” available, but on the contrary - there are many ways to reach the goal. And that’s exactly our commitment. As the leading supplier of machinery technology in the PVC window industry, we know that it’s all about individual process optimization. All the better that we can offer you a variety of new possibilities. It can be the new Vario-Cut-II welding procedure with three-dimensional milling operation in our AKS 9600 Cut welder generation but also the V-groove technology with wrap-around fixtures and final colour optimization in the corner cleaning process.

“In particular this versatility offers you new possibilities as there is a fitting solution available offered by Urban for each production environment” says product manager Andreas Lerchenmüller. This is based on different toolings for the milling, welding and cleaning process.

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